Blue Cross Arena


The Blue Cross Arena at the Rochester War Memorial will implement the use of walk-through magnetometers at all entrances to the downtown venue beginning with the 2019-20 season.

This new security measure is designed to provide a safer environment for patrons and employees and will replace hand-held wands as the primary screening device for all events at The Blue Cross Arena. Upon entry, guests will be required to place their cell phones and cameras on a security table prior to entering the metal detector. Guests will not have to remove shoes, belts, coins and most jewelry. To help expedite the process, all fans are advised to arrive at the arena early and to bring only what they absolutely need for the event.

“The safety and security of all guests at The Blue Cross Arena remains the top initiative of our operations,” said Rob Minter, vice president of business operations for The Blue Cross Arena at the Rochester War Memorial. “Our goal is to allow fans and guests to have the absolute best fan experience possible and that all starts with the front of the building and providing a safe, secure and efficient environment. We wanted to continue to improve and reflect ever evolving industry standards and best practices.”

Today’s announcement comes a year after The Blue Cross Arena unveiled a series of enhanced security changes that took effect prior to last season, including the use of hand-held metal detectors. The change in policy reflects local and national trends at sports venues and are in response to ever evolving industry standards.

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